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Welcome to the Learning Center for Exceptional Children. We are delighted to be able to introduce you to our school, our educational programs, and our mission. Enjoy your tour of our website.

For over thirty years, The Learning Center for Exceptional Children (LCEC) has been dedicated to providing a unique and individualized educational program for special needs students between the ages of three and twenty-one years of age. Based on the philosophy that all students are exceptional and entitled to a special education, each child attending LCEC follows a customized learning plan best suited to his or her individual needs, abilities, and interests. In a small, nurturing, and structured classroom environment, LCEC fosters the development of the whole child and is committed to the educational, social, and emotional well being of its students. Our goal is to maximize each student’s potential so that they can interact successfully, productively, and happily in society. Our students, parents, and staff work together with trust, mutual respect, and courtesy, recognizing that together we can best help our children overcome obstacles, learn, and grow.

The Learning Center also offers a regular education program through Today’s Learning Center (TLC). TLC is a private school dedicated to serving the needs of students in Pre-K through eighth grades. Our exciting and innovative program is designed to surpass New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and challenge our students to achieve. A small classroom setting allows us to individualize our program to best meet the needs of each student and differentiate instruction based on a student’s individual learning style. To learn more about Today’s Learning Center, please download our brochure, or visit our website by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting The Learning Center for Exceptional Children website and showing an interest in our school and programs. Please contact us if you require additional information or have any questions. We invite you to personally visit our schools to see what makes the Learning Center for Exceptional Children such a unique and special educational community.



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